All Carers Eligible For Coronavirus Vaccine

Carers, both those in receipt of carers allowance or informal carers, are now eligible for a covid vaccination if they haven’t already been invited to have one.

Birmingham Carers Hub has been asked to register as many unknown/hidden carers as possible and pass their details to the NHS (University Hospital Birmingham) so that invitations for priority vaccinations can be sent out to eligible carers.

It is really important if you are eligible that you have the vaccine in order to protect you, yourself and those you care for.

If you’re unsure whether you are a carer, you can read about being a carer here.   Register as a carer here if you have not already. See the information sheet here for information and help to register as a carer. After registering, your status and eligibility will be shared automatically with Birmingham’s vaccination roll-out programme, managed by the NHS.