Additional Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Videos in Community Languages

Near Neighbours have created several short videos in community languages to help people understand public health advice around the vaccine.

The videos are been recorded in Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, Somali and Urdu, and include:

  • ‘Why was the vaccine created so quickly and is it safe?’
  • ‘Have you received your NHS COVID-19 letter?’
  • ‘Even if you have been vaccinated you must still…’

You can watch the videos here. Earlier Covid-19 vaccine videos in community languages can be seen in our article here, and Birmingham City Council’s website also has translated audio and written information on Covid-19 guidance, test-and-trace and vaccines here.

A group of celebrities has also released a video addressing vaccine misinformation in BAME communities. The group, including Birmingham-born stars like actor Adil Ray and cricketer Moeen Ali, appeal to black, Asian and ethnic minority communities to help address hesitancy around the COVID-19 vaccine. ​Click here to watch and share the video.